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Agile Project Management Organize, plan and execute tasks faster

A great challenge for freelancers is to work effectively in order to perform more activities in the same period of time, so that new clients can be acquired, which leads to higher profitability per project. GitScrum is perfect for planning and managing projects, the daily routine of freelancers, and clients.

A freelancer usually takes on many roles in the same project. During the day, it is important to have a clear view of what tasks need to be executed in the projects, that is, you need to have the project management view as a Scrum Master, keep your focus on the product as a Product Owner.

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Time Tracking

Time Tracking to optimize your time or billing accurately

Know where you spend your time. Bill your clients. See Time Tracking by users, teams, tasks, or projects so you know how to allocate resources for a timely delivery.

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Focus on priorities

Focus on priorities with our the best work board

Think clearly by viewing tasks in a Board - Kanban. GitScrum helps you model your workflow to focus on high performance and, of course, your customer's happiness.

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Become agile with our agile features

By using an agile project management tool like GitScrum, decision makers can clearly visualize the bottlenecks in order to make the necessary improvements and continue the project.

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Amaze your clients by sharing real-time project status and elevating your brand with our White Label

Your business is about you! Impress your client and replace the GitScrum logo with yours and use your own custom domain. Even being a freelancer you can create your brand to be used in GitScrum. Usually, big companies pay a lot of money to develop a software to achieve this level of customization!

Your brand will be everywhere!

Safety first


The GitScrum encrypt your data using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the best and most secure block ciphers in the industry.


The GitScrum database automatically encrypts your data and decrypts it before it’s retrieved.


The GitScrum is a cloud-based application focused on privacy protection and the security of your data.

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