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Stop wasting time starting the same process over and over again. Only you know how to run your company. If you have complex processes, create a custom template. Specify step by step and let everyone know “your way of working”.

>Get it done quickly over and over and over

Creating templates is the smartest way to work on projects

Apply templates automatically whenever creating new projects. You can use templates for: Workflows, Task Types, Task Efforts, Task Custom Fields, Task Checklists and User Story Priorities.

From developer to marketer and entrepreneur, GitScrum allows you to create custom and repeatable work procedures.

Creating templates is the smartest way to work on projects

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Your business is about you! Impress your client and replace the GitScrum logo with yours and use your own custom domain. Even being a freelancer you can create your brand to be used in GitScrum. Usually, big companies pay a lot of money to develop a software to achieve this level of customization!

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