GitScrum Board

GitScrum Board

See tasks, collaborate and marvel at project progress in real-time

Our Board is an incredible visual tool that provides an overview of the current work status, designed to simplify team communication and maximize efficiency in performing tasks.

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Workflow management simplified

Within the GitScrum Board, the workflow is the sequence of steps by which tasks from the start of work to finish. Viewing the workflow means mapping all work steps in Board columns and tracking work tasks as they move through them.

Notifications are sent when a task is moved on the project workflow

Notifications are the heart of effective communication and alignment between team members and stakeholders.

Notifications can be sent by E-mail, Slack or Discord

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Never waste time finding a task again

Our advanced filters are an easy way to find tasks quickly on the project board. You can filter by task name, start date, due date, team members, task labels, and many other parameters.

Highlight colors

Depending on the type of task, the task's background color will change color.

Archived tasks

Archive older tasks and view them on a separate project board.

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Work remotely, but staying together! Improve remote work coordination using an intuitive project management tool designed with Agile principles for high performance.

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Background Image

Choose the background image for each project board.

Shareable Board

Share project progress with users outside the company.

Real-time Progress

Monitoring the progress is the best way to align expectations.

Export Tasks

At any time, you can export tasks to CSV.

Time Tracking

Keep track of time spent on tasks such as work.

Task Labels

Classify with custom color-coded labels.

Task Effort

Set start date and due date on your tasks.

Task Dates

You can assign a start date and due date to tasks.

Organize your work to increase performance

Everything you need to manage your Projects Remotely

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