Agile Methodology with GitScrum

GitScrum is a project management tool for agile teams.

When a team uses agile methodology to execute a project, it is important to keep track of every task delivered. This is necessary because in agile projects, there are many things happening at the same time and the scrum master may not be aware of everything.

The use of tools such as GitScrum makes this control easier and project management more effective. As a platform developed according to the agile methodology, this is the best option for your company.

In this documentation, you will understand what are the benefits of using GitScrum for your agile methodology projects. We will also cover the reasons for using agile development rather than the traditional ones, and when to use GitScrum for agile practices.

Understanding the best practices

Bibliography regarding Project Management state that a project is elementary made up by five pillars, which are: Time, the Resources involved, the Scope of the job, the Goal of the project and your Need.

Each of these elements has an important role during the life of a project, and badly estimated resources can lead to crises and urgent needs with a high degree of difficulty to react to them, a badly designed scope or with a poor requirement survey can lead to great divergences during the project releases, which in extreme cases, lead the project to be terminated even before its conclusion.

The fact is that projects, when planned, are in a generous range of success indexes, and that is why on GitScrum the scope and schedule planning processes can be developed simply and practically, from the ground zero of your project, and we will see how below.

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What is Agile Methodology?

The first important concept, before you understand the other parts of how GitScrum helps the performance of project management with agile methodology, is to understand what is Agile Methodology.

Agile Methodology is actually guidance on how to choose the methods and procedures to execute a project.

The focus is for people to work as a group, think and interact with each other to deliver a high quality and agile product in the end.

A good way to illustrate the agile methodology is by thinking about the operation of a restaurant. Different people have very specific tasks, but when put together result in delicious meals for the clients.

This is the same with an agile methodology for software development or different expected results.

Something very important is to have a technology solution as a partner, in order to have the best possible results.

By using a tool such as GitScrum for project management using agile methodology, the team will evolve and adapt, and this is the most important aspect of agile.

Agile Methodology and the Benefits of Using GitScrum

The Agile Methodology can be easily applied using the GitScrum project management tool. This is a platform based on the Kanban productivity system, and which has many features for you to use.

GitScrum was designed to be easy and simple to use. It is a digital way of organizing all tasks, deadlines, responsible people and goals in your project.

As the name says, GitScrum is completely aligned with the Scrum framework, and because of that, there are various features to guarantee a visual approach to the project, as well as performance management and report analysis.

So here are 3 other benefits of using GitScrum for project management with the Agile Methodology:

  1. Transform GitScrum board into your own

    With the feature of changing the GitScrum’s logo for your own, it is possible that your team will identify better with the visualization of the whole project, and be more motivated to work on it.

    Additionally, this feature is of great use when the final client has access to the project daily routine. It is very professional when you share a report or give access to the board for a client, and it has your logo and information available.

  2. Flexibility to your project

    One of the main characteristics of an agile methodology project is the flexibility the team has to discuss the issues and change the way things are organized.

    Of course, it is not possible to do it every day. But it is important that the team is open to talking about any problems. As a consequence, everyone will understand the mistakes as their are happening, and must be flexible enough to stop doing what is wrong, and start doing the correct things.

    With GitScrum, everyone has access to the other people’s tasks, and it is possible to move cards and entire sections of the boards from one place to the other.

  3. Easy control of all tasks due for the day or week

    If you had ever planned and managed a project using spreadsheets or even paper boards, it is possible that you have witnessed some problems.

    The most common ones are forgetting to make follow up of tasks, people that are not aware of their own responsibilities, and communication issues among the team.

    Those problems are easily solved when you use GitScrum for your agile methodology project.

    The GitScrum allows the Scrum Master to clearly check deadlines, responsible people and extra information/materials needed to execute a specific job.

Why use Agile Development rather than Traditional

When a traditional method is used for project development, all the details were defined before the project starts. It can be a problem when we are dealing with a complex project.

On the other hand, the agile methodology allows much more flexibility and changes may be done whenever necessary, with the objective of delivering a better quality final product in the end.

In the scenario of technology and constant software development, it is really important to work with the agile methodology.

This is true because when a traditional method is used, it is likely that expenses will be made in advance. If something gets wrong and the project concept needs to change, there will be more costs than expected during the planning phase of the project.

It is important to mention that the agile methodology requires more customer involvement during the execution of the project.

This is a great thing when the stakeholders make the best use of this close contact with the developing team.

As the feedbacks and reviews of the project status are constantly happening in the agile methodology, the customer must be aware that their opinion and suggestions for improvement will be needed.

The natural consequence of this is that the customers are more engaged in the whole process, in turn ensuring that they are happy and satisfied with the final product what was delivered by the team.

Agile Practices and when to Use GitScrum

There are some interesting practices and processes involved in the agile methodology. The best agile practices may vary from one team to the other, and this is the beauty of working with the agile methodology.

It is always possible to create new ways of working and improve every day.

Product Backlog

The main idea of an agile project is that big tasks can be cut into smaller pieces. The product backlog is a common practice in agile methodology and is basically a list of everything that is known to be needed in the product that is being developed.

If any changes are to be made in the product, it is necessary to review the product backlog.

GitScrum has the features to organize the product backlog of your project, as well as easily change it when necessary.

User Stories

When using an agile methodology, putting people first is essential. The user-stories feature provided by GitScrum put the end-users at the center of the discussion.

The idea after reading a user story is that the team understands why they are working, and what is the value created by each activity performed.

With the use of User Stories, GitScrum requires that the tasks are created to match the information provided in there.

Usually, a user story follows the structure:

“As an [persona] I want to [do something/get something] so then I can [get something/accomplish something]”.

Time tracking

Considering agile projects, time is an important asset to be controlled. The agile methodology defines that the job is organized in sprints, which take approximately 2 weeks to be completed.

If you think about it, this is a short time. This is why using GitScrum can be strategic because there are features that allow you to track the time and tasks effectively.

As a result, it becomes easier to guarantee the tasks will be completed in time, and the whole project will be finished on the expected date.

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